Megamoon  is a story about two groups of especially alien teens, tweens, and their families, living on the aggressivily placid planetary-suburb of a galaxy in the midst of a space-opera-worthy intergalactic conflict.  Bobbletroxx is an 85% safe planet of cul-de-sacs and candy colored future-homes, with one large (mega) moon, paved over, hollowed out, and transformed into the premier mall and entertainment destination in the quadrant.   Jane Beanbody ,  Sam Zibblegibb , his little brother  Gibbley,  and their respective pals take life’s expected bumps and snags, made excitingly weirder by their vast and diversely populated mall-scape.  As they goof their goofs, they keep tabs on the sci-fi action and intrigue in the larger part of the galaxy by watching a docu-reality series following a crew of space heroes trying to fight the good fight.  Virgil Stahr  and  Aurelia Ferris  aren’t models of leadership, but the journey of their shipmates inspires Jane to see and do all she can beyond this isolated but amenities-adjacent world.
  Doom Cannon  is a digital comics experiment blending cinematic transitional movement with targeted interactive and sound elements, designed to maintain the experience of reading a comic while taking advantage of what sequential work on a screen can do!  Yes, it’s a story about sexy teenage hijinks inside of a giant robot that’s been converted into a private school. Yes, they’ve got monsters both enormous and small, wasteland warriors, and rival robot-schools to battle.  Ultimately though, their relationships with fellow students, family and friends in the surrounding ruined world, and the history of what got them here, lead to an exploration of loss, change, guilt, and our relationship with time.